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Hi, I’m Celine, an Irish journalist/feature writer, copywriter, short story writer, indie novelist… I like to write stuff. I like writing more than ironing. I like almost anything more than ironing. Cooking? Has to be done. Cleaning? Meh. As necessary.

The attic finally fell into the ‘necessary’ category. When it cried out to be cleared of clutter, I climbed the rickety pull-down ladder and got stuck in amid the beams and cobwebs, until a letter from an old boyfriend jumped into my hand and whispered, ‘Write me.’ So I abandoned the clean-up operation and wrote a short story called Dreams of Flying. Always do the creative thing first. Don’t believe me? Well, m’lud, that story ended up being shortlisted for the 2016 Hennessy Writing Awards in The Irish Times. I rest my case.

Read my Hennessy shortlisted story Dreams of Flying here.

The day after the awards, I teamed up with three fellow Hennessyans, the lovely Riona Judge McCormack, who deservedly won New Irish Writer of the Year, and two other equally brilliant writers, Niall McArdle (aka ragingfluff) and Tony McGuinness, for drinks and chats. As I had coveted Raging Fluff’s badge, he kindly donated it to me, and I treasure it, because now when asked to do things not to my liking – e.g. ironing, cleaning, de-cluttering, operating kitchen appliances, addressing minor plumbing issues, or anything to do with accounts – I merely point to the badge:




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