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Here’s a first… How I went from knowing nothing about history to writing a book about the Easter Rising.

When asked a year ago by the Irish Independent if I’d be interested in writing a weekly series called My 1916: What the Easter Rising Means to Me, I had to fess up: I’m no historian. However, I know a good story when I meet one, and as this was to be specifically about people’s personal connections with the Easter Rising, I couldn’t wait to get started.

The result has been a revelation to me. I’ve interviewed actors, singers, artists, priests, homemakers, entrepreneurs, teachers, writers, soldiers, film makers, business men and women… people from north, south, east and west of Ireland and elsewhere, an eclectic group of individuals with very different perspectives on a pivotal time in our shared history.

Their passion and personal connections with the extraordinary events of the past that went on to shape our present inspired me to bring their stories together in a collection.

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